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Female grad student studying human sexuality. Using this tumblr to collect images and text of my #1 sexual fantasy: cuckolding.

This is what it’s like the first time you try a big cock. It hurts for a bit. Then it feels better than anything else. what big dicks can do to you, ladies! it feels so much more magical than you will ever be able to imagine. it changes your entire perspective on life, for the better.

An exciting game for couples.

1) First, pick a consequence for losing. This game won’t be fun unless you have this, so each member pick something the other one normally refuses to do that they will be required to do if they lose.

For example, the husband can pick anal sex, so if the wife loses, she has allow the husband to have sex with her bum. Actually, this could work for the wife’s pick too ;)

This game also works well if you’re into chastity play, and the wife’s pick could just be that the husband remains in the cage if he loses.

2) Get dressed up sexy.

3) Go to a bar. The wife will sit up at bar by herself, the husband off at a distance but so he can still see her.

4) The wife will call her husband and then place her cell phone face up on the bar so he can hear everything that happens wearing earbuds.

5) For the next HOUR, the wife must be open to any man who flirts with her, returning the flirting in turn. She MUST agree to any suggestion he makes. If he asks her to dance, she must dance. If he offers to buy her a drink, she must accept. If he asks her up to his room, she goes. If the wife refuses anything SHE LOSES and the husband gets his consequence.

6) The husband watches as the wife flirts and gets very jealous/aroused. If he stops her or in any way intervenes before the hour is over HE LOSES and the wife gets her consequence.

7) The rush of testing the boundaries of your marital vows will make you quite horny. After the hour is up, return home and have the best screw you’ve had in years.

if his the head of his flaccid penis doesn’t make it to the end of the cage, then he needs a smaller cage. the point is to prevent erections. it’s not fun otherwise.

if his the head of his flaccid penis doesn’t make it to the end of the cage, then he needs a smaller cage. the point is to prevent erections. it’s not fun otherwise.

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afewofmyfetishes asked: Do you enjoy, or do you at all, train switch couples?

It’s funny you should ask that because here at the house, we’ve recently devised a new initiation ceremony for couples who desire to enter my domain.

You see, the thing with couples is, they forget that when they step into the house they both belong to me. Not each other.

As I will now demonstrate.

On one side of the room, the male subject will, with the help of Emily and Haley, have his balls fastened tightly into this rather cruel device.


His ankles are fastened at the bottom, and his hands are securely tied behind his back. His humiliation is rounded off with a pair of my biggest, dirtiest panties placed over his face and head.

I’ll the leave it to the girls to amuse themselves with this exposed and vulnerable subject.


Try not to enjoy yourself too much, Miss Emily!


Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, the female subject has been strapped into the blowjob trainer. She has been warming up, getting used to the rhythm for the past 20 minutes or so.


A number of trusted male guests have been invited to the house to participate in our little initiation. The female must bring each of them to orgasm in order to pass the test. Too much? Well, consider that one of the girls wanted to place a sign outside the house, with “FREE BLOWJOBS THIS WAY” painted on it! Imagine!


Whenever the female starts work on a guest, Haley will remove the panty-hood from the male subject’s head for a couple of minutes, so he can watch his partner perform.


While watching his partner debase herself, Emily and Haley will treat the male subject to some physical pleaure. But not for too long! We wouldn’t want any little accidents, would we?


Two minutes of delicious pleasure and then the panties go back on, and his torment at the hands of Miss Emily will continue until the next guest arrives.


If the couple survives this ordeal, they will each be rewarded with an orgasm, and granted the title  “Friends of the House of Lipstixxx”.

Missy xoxoxoxox